Monday, August 22, 2011

Full Term!!!

Baby #4 is now officially ready to join us, this side of the tummy, ANY DAY!!! I can't believe we will hold him in our arms so soon! I have never made it to my due date and the Dr. says he doesn't expect me to make it to the due date with this one either. Please keep us all in your prayers over the next couple of days/weeks...a safe and healthy delivery/baby/mother is nothing short of a miracle and a smooth transition (with lots of littles all around, a new state/town/home, a new job, etc...) will take a lot of grace.

I'm off to pack my hospital bag!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

You May Have Moved to a Small Town If...

1) You've memorized ALL of the major streets in the first 2 days.

2) You've seen motorists being pulled over by bicycle cops on 3 different occasions.

3) Verizon has no service in your entire town and doesn't pick up a signal until you are 20 minutes outside the city limits.

Yes. We live in a VERY small town...and I think we're gonna like it. : )


We left the Land of Enchantment the morning after my Mr's last final and have officially been somewhere over the rainbow for 1 week and 6 days. My Mr. started work 2 days after we arrived and loves his new job so far. It is such a gift for him to be teaching at a Catholic school again. We live in a beautiful old house (!!!) with wood floors (I won't mention the wallpaper...ahem), I found an OB/practice that I REALLY like here in town,  and craigslist has been VERY good to us.

Thank you all for your prayers as we continue this transition. Please keep them coming as baby #4 will be joining us on this side of the womb in only a few short weeks.