Saturday, August 13, 2011

You May Have Moved to a Small Town If...

1) You've memorized ALL of the major streets in the first 2 days.

2) You've seen motorists being pulled over by bicycle cops on 3 different occasions.

3) Verizon has no service in your entire town and doesn't pick up a signal until you are 20 minutes outside the city limits.

Yes. We live in a VERY small town...and I think we're gonna like it. : )


  1. I'm guessing that you'll like it, too. We're from a very small town, and everything is just a bit more familiar. People are curious about you because they know you are new, and in my opinion, this makes them friendlier and more eager to welcome :-) .

    Enjoy getting to know your small town just a little better, and preparing for #4---he's coming so soon!

  2. Mallory,

    Thank you! Yes, I've noticed that people LOVE to watch us(especially at church) and for the first time ever I'm convinced that it is not because we have 3 children so close together and one on the way (many of the families here have very large families) but rather because they are curious about who we are and about how we might fit into their community.

    In my post I should have added:
    4) You've received 3 dinner invitations, a play-date invitation, been added to the local "Catholic family events" e-mail list within the first 10 days.

    Seriously, it gives me a lot of hope/peace and makes me think that I may like to settle in a small town community one day.

    We'll see.