Saturday, May 28, 2011

The P.L.A.N.

We have been anticipating our (first) move for almost 6 weeks now and today we began our 1 week countdown. Since the last time I posted about our great big move, a couple things have changed. We are no longer moving to Missouri, but are moving somewhere over the rainbow (a.k.a. Kansas) instead. The reason for this abrupt change is that my Mister was selected to fill a science teaching position at a Catholic(!!!) school and was offered the right could we resist?

So, here is our plan:

We are moving to Albuquerque, NM in 7 days.

The reason we are moving to ABQ is that my Mister will be taking 3 Summer classes (8 weeks long) at UNM (pre-requisites for his physicians assistant program).

Between now and then, we have to pack up the rest of this house, move what is left to a storage unit, paint our beautiful red living-room white (it's a looong story), deep-clean the apartment (including all of the lovely white walls and trim that my littles have covered with love), shut off the utilities, turn in our change of address to every institution that we owe $$$ and to the post office, close out my Arbonne business orders, help throw a baby shower for a dear friend, and say goodby to our friends.

Once in ABQ we will live in a (semi) spacious extended-stay hotel room (i.e. full kitchen, full bath, bedroom/living room/dining room, fully furnished, utilities included, free wireless internet, free cable, and last but certainly not least, cleaning service!) bringing only 2 suitcases, some dishes, some toys, a stroller, and some educational materials. 

When my Mister is finished with his classes, we will pick up our moving truck (which happens to be the same dimensions as our current storage unit), drive it to our storage unit, pack it up, and drive it to Kansas.

Now, I know that you may be thinking that we are completely out of our minds to move into such a small space, with 3 small children, and almost nothing else...BUT, there are many perks to living in ABQ...I'll have to share them with you another day...right now, I am tired.



  1. O wow!!! We just moved from Kansas to Missouri!! Where in Kansas are you moving?? Best of luck with everything! My fam lives in alb- hope you guys enjoy your summer there!! if easier :)

  2. Detta, we've moved A LOT. In six years of marriage we've moved at least that many times. It is difficult, but I've found that the more motivated I am about our destination and the opportunities that lie ahead, the easier the move is. You'll do great, I know!

    We've moved during each of my three pregnancies, and I would really encourage you to TAKE IT EASY! I can't tell you how many days I woke up ready to work and by 10am my back hurt so bad because I pushed it too hard. Take it slowly and listen to your body, moving is hard work! Prayers for your transition1