Monday, May 2, 2011

What We Were Up To This Weekend...

This weekend was incredibly productive, relaxing, crafty, and blessed. 

On Saturday we cleaned and packed and NAPPED! (Rest is such a beautiful, needed thing). After our long siesta, I made a large dish of chicken enchiladas for dinner (YUM!) and then my  dear husband had to go to work (until 12a). SO, after the kids were in bed, I had a movie night with a couple girlfriends. We laughed, cried, and ate brownies a-la-mode (how exactly does one spell this word???). Such. a. great. time.

Sunday was such a HUGE day in the Church. At our place we primarily celebrated the Feast of Divine Mercy and the beatification of Blessed John Paul II (!), but it was also the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker and the begining of the month of Mary! What a DAY!

We started out with a breakfast of Divine Mercy Rolls (courtesy of our local bakery) and eggs, went to mass, took naps, prayed the Mercy Chaplet, SKYPED with the family, and went to bed.

Our family also got to spend LOTS of time with a dear seminarian friend (Lowell) who was in town for the week.

AND, I worked on lots and LOTS of little, crafty, projects all. weekend. long! : )

I have decided to post a DIY or a tutorial each day this week so that you can all craft along with me!

Here's a sneak preview of my first little project...

Stay tuned for the tutorial later on tonight!

So, what were you up to this weekend?

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