Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet the Littles...

My Mr. and I have had three lively and delightful babies in three years. We call them the "littles". Let me take this opportunity to introduce them to you.

My "nearly-three" (a boy) is now potty-trained, knows most of the letter "sounds" (on his way to reading), loves to doodle, color, sing, build, make pillow/blanket forts and play outside. He leads us in our mealtime prayers, is extremely imaginative, and has a beautiful and compassionate heart...he is also a frequent visitor to the time-out chair for reasons I won't go into here...ahem.

My "nearly two" (also a boy) is almost potty trained (we just bought him "big boy underwear" last weekend! I am pretty excited to have only one child in diapers!), speaks in 3 and 4 word sentences, and is our resident dancer. If there is music or any sort of beat he will drop whatever he is doing and dance. He enjoys playing with play-do, blocks, duplos, bubbles, and LOVES to play with the play kitchen and to run around outside. He has recently learned the word "chalice" and points it out several times each time we go to mass. He is very sensitive and affectionate...our little cuddle-bug.

My "9.5" month old (a girl) has been standing solo for 2 weeks but no first step quite yet (she's now in the competition with my "nearly three" for youngest walker and has to beat his record of 10 mo.). She just got through three painful weeks of teething  FOUR new pearly whites. We can see she is quite relieved now that they're finally out (as are we). She loves to play with her big brothers and get in on the action all around her. She also loves to eat (go figure) and to play with tiny stuffed animals and dolls (her favorites are "lulu" the purple lamb and "bear bear"). She is happy, very sensitive, loves to be held, and laughs a lot. She is also quite hyper at times.

These wonderful individuals are the hearers of my hearts melody and know first hand that it is not always harmonious. In fact, sometimes it’s just plain awful! But many times it is the motivation to love these babes that encourages and motivates me to pick myself back up and to create a harmony more beautiful then before.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to tickle some littles...


  1. Hi Bernadette!
    Love your blog! It's so refreshing and encouraging, just like you were talking about. :) May God bless you in your journey of being a light to all mothers. Love ya! -Maria

  2. Maria, Thank you so much. I have a lot of fun with it...we'll see where it goes. <3 you too!