Monday, April 4, 2011

2x2 and The Very Hungary Catapiller Cake

How many of you knew that my Mr and I have a set of Irish twins? Mmm-hmmm...just one more bit o' Irish to celebrate.

Every year, our two oldest children (both boys) will share the same age (in number) for ten days. This past weekend my #2 turned 2(!) (my #1 is still 2). We have 2, 2-year-olds in the house!

We will have a big party this coming weekend to celebrate both of their birthdays with all their friends, but I like to make a cake on the actual birth"day". (Confession: I have always thought that being a cake decorator would be such a FUN job...I have a long way to go...but when b-days come around I like to get a little crazy with the cakes). Since my little guy's favorite book is The Very Hungary Caterpillar by Eric Carl I decided to make a caterpillar out of cupcakes. He LOVED it! Here are some pics....

Eric Carl inspired birthday cake...the boys helped color and place the toppers.

I re-wrote the story on the back of the cupcake toppers.

The little lad just couldn't wait...he had to try one before the candles were lit!

The antennae are candles!

Eyes full of wonder.

Blow out the candles and make a wish!


Just look at all of that green goodness!

"big" brother
...the goodness continues.
Caught red handed!

TWO! We made it! 

Birthdays are such a beautiful time to celebrate life. I am in awe of  the gift of G's life. I am so grateful to God for having entrusted this SPECIFIC child to my Mr and me. I can't believe how much our hearts have stretched and grown because of the presence of this little man in our lives. SUCH. A. GIFT!

Note: This post will be edited in the next couple of days to include G's Two Year Old Poem by none other than my Mr.

We are so blessed to have you in our life little one. Happy Birthday!


  1. Okay Detta, I'm going to be honest: I was totally loving this post and talked about it all through dinner last night! I just think it is so cool that your boys are the same age for a few days! And your cake is fantastic!! I too LOVE making cakes and sweets and . . . okay, anything that looks "pretty" in the end! It's so fun! Such a great creative outlet. :)

  2. Bernadette! The cake is brilliant!
    And oh my gosh, the boys are getting so HUGE! I love your blog. thanks for sending us the link! :)
    <3 you,

  3. Sarah, I am flattered. It is a lot of fun to have two children with overlapping ages...though I don't know that it will happen again in OUR family. It's fun now and I think it will become more and more special as they get older.

    "anything that looks pretty at the end"...agreed. I love to have a project going at ALL times. I'm glad you get a kick out of creative little projects too!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind complements. You really are too sweet. I'm glad that you like the blog and am flattered that you are now a follower.

    Love you.

  4. So cute! I love how you came up with the design, it is very fun and unique. Great job!

  5. Adorable idea! I love it. I'm taking cake decorating classes right now and it is SO FUN. There are so many fun things that you can do!

  6. Patrica, Thank you so much! I would LOVE to take a cake decorating class!(...I'll be honest, there are a LOT of classes I'd like to take) Good luck and I'd love to see pictures of your work! Do you have a blog?

    Thanks for all of your kind comments and for stopping by my place!