Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Phew! What We've Been Up To...

Over the last couple of weeks we have been SO BUSY!

We've had a HUGE birthday bash (for our two boys), visited the E.R. with our 2 (long story...and he's fine after 4 stitches), mourned the loss of a dear student, packed 30+ boxes to get ready for our big move, searched our entire home (every closet, shelf, and drawer) to find things to get rid of at our moving sale, had a very successful ($$$) moving sale (and got a great big, blistering, burn...very appropriate and right in time for Palm Sunday face matched the red pics. Sorry.), went on a date with my Mr <3 <3 <3, visited the dentist 2 times for fillings (ARGH!), detailed our cars (well, my husband did while I watched the kids...and then of course I "oooed" and "ahhhed" at how sparkly clean everything looked), sold one of our (2) cars, made painting smocks (for the kid's Easter baskets...tutorial to come), altered some jeans, and sewed the top of a baby quilt (pictures after Easter)...PHEW!!!

Currently, we are trying to focus our minds and hearts on the passion and death of Our Lord and (with great anticipation) look forward to the great celebration of His Resurrection this Sunday. (I had so many things I wanted to share on this blog for Holy Week and Easter Sunday...but soooo little time...I'll have to post them all next year)

Have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. busy!

    I love the spring top sew along...I've never MADE a shirt before so this will be a great challenge...hopefully I can find a free pattern/tutorial online!

    I hope you are joining too...even with the craziness of moving!