Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our 2011 Paschal Candle + Tutorial

I wasn't sure if I would actually get around to making an Easter candle this year since we will be moving in a few weeks. But, this morning, I woke up bright and early to make this year's Paschal Candle for our home. It will be placed on our sacred space and we will light it each day/evening during our family prayer times this Easter season.

So, what exactly IS a Paschal Candle? To learn about the origin and usage of the Paschal Candle click here or here

To make this candle

You Will Need:

Tall Candle
Paint (Oil or Acrylic)
 Paint Brushes (Fine Tipped)
Strait (sewing) Pins

Step 1 - Draw an alpha, omega, a cross, 2, 0, and two 1's on your paper.

Step 2 - Cut out each symbol. One by one, hold each symbol down on the face of the candle while you trace the outline of the symbol with the pencil (press down hard with the pencil). This will make an indentation of each symbol on the candle which you will be able to paint.

(Look very closely...the Alpha indention is there. I promise!)

Step 3 - Paint each symbol with gold paint (you may choose to skip this step but it gives the colors over it a nice shine).

Step 4 - Paint each symbol (using colors of your choice).

"Christ yesterday and today (vertical bar of the cross)
the beginning and the end (horizontal bar of the cross)
Alpha (A, above the cross)
and Omega; (Ω, below the cross)
all time belongs to him (2, upper left quadrant)
and all the ages: (0, upper right quadrant)
to him be glory and power (1, lower left quadrant)
through every age for ever. Amen." (1, lower right quadrant)

Step 5 - Add five pins and five beads to the cross (these represent the 5 grains of incense that a priest will insert into the candle at Mass - held in place by the 5 "nails").

"By his holy and glorious wounds may Christ our Lord guard us and keep us." 

Step 6 - Add ribbons (I used pins and beads to secure these).

We are so happy to have our Paschal Candle ready for Easter! Remember that according to the liturgical calendar, Easter is celebrated for 50 days! So if you don't have time to make a Pascal Candle before tomorrow don't sweat it! You still have time to make one just like ours for your home... 

-OR- you could make this SUPER EASY one from Homeschool Goodies...

paschal candle
Just print, glue/tape, Viola!

-OR- you could order this bees wax candle kit ( get to ROLL your own candle! How cool is THAT?!) which includes easy peasy water decals ( =  no painting or intricate details).  You can order it directly from Illuminated Ink OR on Amazon.

Check out Jessica's finished candle (the inspiration for ours - she used this kit with her littles) over at  Shower of Roses.

"May the light of Christ, rising in glory, dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds."


  1. Looks good! I want to make one now! :)

  2. Wow Detta! You did a great job. I never thought of making my own Easter candle. Its a wonderful idea and such a great visual, especially for the children. My youngest loves the Easter Vigil mass but she fell asleep this year before she got to ring her bell at the Gloria. She enjoyed the lighting of the candle though and I know she'd love to have one of these to light. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Kathleen, Do it! I'd love to see pics!

    Lisa Marie, Thank you! I can't say I "thought" of it either...that credit goes to my mother.

    When I was little, she made a "Paschal Candle" out of a paper tube and wrapped it with pretty paper (It sounds simple but it was so beautiful) We took it out each year and placed it on the mantle of our home during the Easter season.

    When I went to college, and learned about the significance of the Paschal Candle, I knew it was something I wanted to teach my future family about and make each year.

    This is our first one so far and my Mr and littles LOVE it.

  4. What a great blog you have! It was recommended to me by my husband Jim Havens, he said he knows you and your husband and I checked it out and love it! What great ideas and a great example you give to all. You are so crafty too, man o man! It gives me hope knowing I only have 2 kids and you are on to #4(congrats!) :) thank you for sharing... In Christ, Becky Havens