Friday, April 29, 2011

Liturgical Wheel for the Littles

Another change we made in our home this past Sunday, was turning our liturgical wheel from Lent/purple to Easter/white. You may remember this idea from my earlier post on Lenten ideas for the littles (you can find info on how to use the wheel, and the significance of the liturgical colors there). Well here is our version of the liturgical wheel for the littles.

Note: We didn't have any Catholic catalogs to cut pictures out of, so I just drew the pictures.

Note: We couldn't find brad(?) clips, so we used velcro on our wheel. And, as a finishing touch, my wonderful Mr laminated it for us.

Back Piece

Back Side of Front Piece


Our "2" and "3" have really enjoyed talking about the colors as the liturgical seasons change. They especially love to talk about the colors before going to mass and then seeing the same colors on the altar and the vestments of the priest (boy did Palm Sunday throw them for a loop!...I may make another wheel that includes even more colors. For now, this works just fine.).

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