Thursday, March 31, 2011

The "D" Word

For the last several weeks our "(very) nearly two" has been using the "D word" ALL of the time. Every day, several times a day, he'd shout "you bammit!".

As you can probably imagine, this concerned me. And I was completely puzzled as to where he'd learned it. I mean, my Mr and I don't very rarely swear (blush), their little friends don't swear, and they don't watch "that kind" of television...hmmm...???

Well, yesterday, it came to me all at once, from a most unexpected source. As we were watching Peter Rabbit, Mr McG started running after Peter and shouting "(Come back here) you varmint!" and sure enough my little man echoed "you bammit!".

Aha! My little guy was saying "you varmint"!

No suds for this little boy...thanks to Mr. McG, it seems we won't have to resort to the soap-in-the-mouth technique after all. Ha!

1 comment:

  1. We had the same issues when our three year old would try to say Fox or Witch. Fox would come out as the "F word" and Witch the "B word". It took us forever to figure out what she was really saying. Thank goodness she was just mispronouncing words!