Thursday, March 10, 2011

A "Teensy" Little Problem...

For the last couple of years my family has lived in a two-bedroom apartment, on the upper-level, of a four-plex...with no yard.

Now I don't know about your little people, but at our house 3 littles + being cooped up in a tiny little house for an entire day = disaster waiting to happen.

My littles have a LOT of energy. I try to take them on a walk each morning and to the park each afternoon but some days, even that is not enough. My littles just want to be outside...all. of. the. time. Any season, any weather, any time of day. They love everything about being outside, especially the sunshine,  the fresh air, and the SPACE.

The reason this is problematic is because my 9 month old needs to eat and sleep in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon and cannot be left inside alone (duh)...and I have other things to do around the house that cannot be neglected all day, everyday, so that I can be outside supervising my boys.

Well, my Mr and I are not "problem" people...we are "solution" people...and when you live in a teensy little home, with 3 littles, and no backyard, THAT is a problem. It calls  for some creativity...just the kind of challenge we like.

Here is a picture of our "backyard" before...


 Do you want to see our creative solution?

If "yes", than you won't want to miss tomorrow's post! ; ) 


  1. I'll be back tomorrow . . . I love a good before and after!

  2. Ahhh! You are so bad for making us wait! haha! I cannot wait for tomorrow!

  3. I know the feeling Detta. We lived in a 2 bedroom apt. for about 3 yrs with 2 littles. We had a tiny balcony for them to play on as well. Fortunately we had neighbors down the street with a large yard that would let us play in. Now we rent a house that has a yard!!! Yay!