Sunday, March 6, 2011

Date Night

Last night you may have seen my Mister and I all decked out in one of these...

(ok...ours weren't quite that elaborate...)
or some of these...

If you haven't guessed what we did last night, I'll tell you. We went out (sans littles) to the Bishop's Mardi Gras Party and had the time of our lives. We ate traditional Mardi Gras food, danced, hung out with good friends,  and played all sorts of fun games (like Plinko, Roulette, golf, basketball, horse race, Texas Hold 'em, darts and more). We made out like bandits at the darts booth and won enough "Bishop Bucks" to buy a $100.00 pre-paid Visa gift card and a $50.00 Amazon gift card at the prize booth (...isn't that like being paid to go on a date? I love it!).

We try to go out on at least one date a month and we always have such a great time. Last night was no exception. SO. MUCH. FUN. It does cost a little $ but we budget dates into our monthly budget and look at them as an investment. If you haven't "dated" your husband or wife in awhile I would highly recommend that you give it a whirl. Dating your spouse gives the two of you an opportunity to catch up and talk about life, love, littles, faith, prayer, dreams, goals, etc. You would be amazed at what one date can do for your marriage.

Here's to YOU!

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