Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Inspired Fabric Flower Tutorial #2

I call this flower technique the "ring around the rosie". It is so easy and fast and I just love the way the flowers turn out. I think these would look just lovely on a barrette/headband or pinned to a dress/shirt/cardigan.

Here are the first three flowers that I made of this variety. I had a lot of fun experimenting with different fabrics and textures.

100% cotton

black satin and lace with bird pin ornament

tan silk with glass pearl ornaments

If you missed #1 and would like to see it click here

On to number two!

You Will Need:

Hot Glue Gun
2-4 12in strips of fabric

Step 1
Choose your fabric. You can choose one single color or several different colors. You can also choose one single texture (such as cotton), or a variety of textures (satin, lace, linen, silk, polyester, etc.)

Step 2
Snip the ends of the fabric and tear it into strips.

 Note: some fabrics will not tear so you'll just have to experiment and cut strips for those that don't.

This creates a nice tattered edge to you fabric and adds detail.

You will only need a couple of 12 in strips to make one flower.

Step 3
Create a felt base for you flower (Tip: I try to ere on the side of making this too big rather than too small because you can always cut off the excess but you can't add to the base once you've started)

Step 4
Tie a knot in the end of your first strip. (Note: if you are going to add a pin or beads to the center than skip this step)

Step 5
Hot glue the knot or the end of your fabric to the center of the felt base.

Step 6
"Ring Around the Rosie" anyone??? Twist the fabric and glue it to the base while winding it round and round the knot until you reach the end of the first strip.

Step 7
Add the next strip and continue to twist, glue, and wind until you reach the end.

Step 8
Tuck the end between the base and the flower and glue.

Just look at that perfect rosie posie!

Have a great day!


  1. I love making these...yours turn out much more polished for some reason...I'll need to practice some more and not use super glue maybe...

    I wish I had an answer to your sewing machine questions...I inherited mine from my mom and it IS a quilting machine (which I have no use for since I do such simple projects)...I would try maybe looking at used machines at a vacuum/sewing machine repair shop....always steals and very knowledgeable salespeople generally!

    Good luck!!

  2. Thank you for the compliment and the great tip! I'm going to give the local shop a call tomorrow!


  3. I love making fabric flowers too! But I sew it by hand. I put different sizes together and add pearls, and other stuff and I use it as a brooch. I could do it forever! Patsy from