Friday, March 11, 2011

A Fun Solution!

Our new "backyard" (aka the fun-zone!) comes complete with a sandbox...

under-the-bed storage roller + 2 bags of Quickrete Play Sand (2.99 ea. @ Home Depot) = sandbox!

Look at that QT patutie! (...and please ignore my bare feet)

...a chalk/painting area...

Yes. They are painting (read: cleaning) with water!

 ...and a basketball court!

And after providing my littles with hours of entertainment, it can all be covered and put to the side.

So, what do you think? Do you like our new "backyard"?

Note: If it is too cold outside to leave the door open, I set up a baby monitor on the porch so that I can keep an ear out for the boys while I put the baby to sleep or clean up around the house.


  1. What a great idea! I bet they love it!!

  2. SUPER creative! AND I love the wire idea so the ball can't go over the balcony. I was wondering about that when I saw the basketball court! You've got everything covered (no pun intended but it works!)! haha!

  3. Oh, did you put something special on your door, or the chalk will just write on the door as it is? Yes, I am a teacher, so maybe that makes this an especially dumb question!

  4. Thanks Ladies! The kids LOVE it!

    @ Racheal, The chalk actually works wonderfully on the paint that was already on the door but you can buy chalkboard paint in almost any color these days, so I'm sure you'd be able to match anything you already have on your walls both inside and outside your home.

  5. This is great! I can totally relate to your busy-kiddo dilemma. We have a backyard, but it's so cold half of the year that we end up inside anyway. We use our garage A LOT.

    Have you thought about a water table? Something for the kids to pour water in and out of measuring cups, etc? My almost 2 loves to pour water, so making a makeshift water table might get you through one of those morning naps when the boys are anxious to get outside!

    I love this! Super creative and fun!

  6. Mallory, I like what you're saying! Last year we bought a small kiddie pool and they could have stayed out there until they were completely pruney (that's probably not a word...) and turning blue! I think they would just love a little water table...and I'm going to pass the idea along to a friend who says her littles are bored with sand lately. Thanks!

  7. You could even add "turf" for your need for pigskin! Awesome - Two people who love each other and their kids can solve most any problem together! :)